Malden Grade School...
where teamwork leads to individual achievement!

Spirit Days

Tuesday, October 11 Tie-Dye Day
Wednesday, October 12 Cartoon Day - Dress as your favorite cartoon character
Thursday, October 13

Camouflage Day

Thursday, October 20 Future Day - Dress as the occupation you want to be when you grow up
Tuesday, November 1 Hillbilly Day
Monday, November 7 Board Game Day - Dress as your favorite board or card game.  (ex. Old Maid, Queen of Hearts, Twister board, etc)
Thursday, November 17 Pajama Day
Monday, November 28

Class Color Day

Kindergarten - Yellow

First Grade - Brown

Second Grade - Pink

Third Grade - Gray

Fourth Grade - Red

Fifth Grade - Purple

Sixth Grade - Blue

Seventh Grade - Green

Eighth Grade - Black

Life Skills - Orange

Pre-School - White