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October 13, 2015

We are very excited to unveil the new and improved website!!  We are still in the process of putting information on the site so please be patient as we continue to work on this.


December 2015

  • Gift Cards due Wed Dec 9th

Please see the Fundraiser page listed under the Booster Club tab for more details.

We appreciate your support of Malden Grade School!!


November/December 2015

  • Wednesday, November 25th - 2:00 Dismissal
  • Wednesday, November 25th - Fall Fundraiser pick up  from 1:00 - 2:30 in the gym
  • Tuesday, December 15th - Christmas Concert at 7:00 pm
  • Thursday, December 17th - K thru 8 movie at Apollo Theater (THANKS Booster Club!!)
  • Friday, December 18th - Classroom Parties starting at 1:00 with 2:00 Dismissal

Parent Involvement


Education is ever-changing.  Trends come and go.  Standards and policies change.  But there is one thing that has been and always will be important to your children's success...PARENT INVOLVEMENT.

P - Parents aren't perfect and neither are children, but there are perfect moments along the way.

A - Allow your children to develop responsibility and independence.  It is a great gift you can give.

R - Read to and with your children.

E - Encourage your children to be and do their best.

N - Notice changes in your children's mood or behavior and talk with them about it.

T - Tell your children you love them.

S - Spend time with your children talking about school, friends, ANYTHING!

Kindergarten's Fire Safety Lesson

October 2015 

The Kindergarten class used the first week in October to learn about fire safety.  We learned about hot things we should stay away from, the many tools that are useful to a firefighter, and what to do if there's ever a fire.  Mr. Drake, a firefighter himself, visited our room to show us his gear, give us useful tips, and watch us practice how we stop, drop, and roll.

Here's some advice from our class.

Susanna - Stay far away from the fire.

Memphis - Do not play with matches.

Jameson - When there's a fire on you, stop, drop, and roll.

Samantha - When your house is on fire get out and go to your meeting place.

Raegan - The water from the firemen's hoses is very powerful.

Brady - Fire can grow really fast.

Carter - My family talked about where our meeting place will be if there's a fire.

Greta - Fire can burn you.

Tyler - If your clothes are ever on fire, stop, drop, and roll.

Haleigh - When your house is on fire, you better get out quickly.

Ryder - Hold a blanket out the window so firefighters know you're trapped in your room.

1st & 2nd Grade News

October/November 2015

Do you know what an arachnid is?  Check with a first or second grader.  In Science they have been studying spiders.  They have learned a lot of amazing facts and are conducting an experiment to find out what kind of spiders are lurking around Malden Grade School.  They have put out a spider catcher and are watching to see what shows up.  Get ready for some interesting stories from the first and second graders.



1st & 2nd Grade Pumpkins

October 2015

  On Thursday, October 29, First and Second graders had a pumpkin day.  The students completed many educational activites using their pumpkins.  After these activities, each group designed a face and carved their pumpkins.  Also, during this week, the students got the chance to taste a variety of food made with pumpkins.  The pumpkins provided a wonderful opportunity for fun and learning.


Reading to Riley

November 2015

 Twice a month first and second graders have a special visitor. Riley is a black labradoodle.  He is six years old and has been listening to children read for about four years.  He went to "dog school" to learn how to be a good therapy dog.  Riley likes to listen to children read and LOVES all the attention the children give him.

Our goal is to increase reading fluency, increase motivation to read, provide encouragement for readers and make reading fun. Riley provides a non-threating yet socially supportive and interactive audience for children when practicing their oral reading.  Riley does not judge or criticize so children are more inclined to forget about not knowing a word or not understanding what a word means.

Our hope is that children become more confident, comfortable, and enthusiastic about reading.



3rd & 4th Grade Science

October 2015



 Mrs. Busche's 3rd and 4th grade class has been busy working hard on the Next Generation Science Standards.  The focus has been on how force affects motions.  The students have experimented with friction, building two types of simple machines to prove how they make life easier, and using their arm strength with water bottles to determine gravity's pull on heavier objects.  They have combined their new science knowledge with math by analyzing their data and measuring distances.  The students have taken their learning and applied it to a catapulting activity with marshmallow launches!